Strategy for Kingston Pound

A Digital Strategy for Kingston Pound

Digital Communication Strategy

I began working with Kingston Pound, a local currency project in late 2015 to support the development of a digital marketing strategy and help the project leads understand the mechanisms of digital marketing, including social media and email. As part of the first stage of works for the Kingston Pound, I developed a strategy for the organisation to raise awareness of its efforts in the local area, developing key messages to be regularly shared on social media from the project. Part of this work also included the delivery of training to the project leads and support to ensure that the projects aims were achieved.

Since working with Bobi Robson Digital the visibility of the Kingston Pound project has increased and we have been inspired to try new techniques to help us promote the project more effectively.

You would think that by doing the same thing each year would yield the same results but in today’s world with all its social media, businesses and projects must do more just to stand still and if we want to grow we need to try new things.

Kingston Pound can fully recommend Bobi’s expertise and friendly manner. She will help you use social media to create more interactions with your customers and enable you to speak to new ones and she will demystify the jargon.

Andrew Connolly, Director and Co-Founder of Kingston Pound

Developing a new website for the project

During the first stage of the works for Kingston Pound, myself and the project leads felt that the project needed a refreshed website, that more clearly outlined the aims and activities of the project. This work included content re-write and SEO Strategy implementation as well as a full redesign of the user experience and general look and feel of the website.