Webinar notes: Planning for 2017 with Simply Measured

This evening I joined a webinar from Simply Measured that focused on building your 2017 social media plan. These are the key points, many of which I hope you will be able to implement in your strategies.

Take inspiration from the posts of other businesses and your customers

Looking to competitors, and those you aspire to has been something I have been telling you to do for some time now. But, it is not just these two groups you should look at, look to the businesses that share your space, speak to the same potential customers, operate in a similar area – whether that be in service or location. If they have a campaign or action on social media that you think works particularly well, ask yourself how you might be able to repliacte this into your own activity.

You should also, however, be looking to your customers for inspiration, what do they care about most? What do they regularly share?

But, what bits should you take most interest in?

Look at the times that you customers (and potential customers) are active on social media. Is there a particular day and time of that day that they pay most attention?

Take a look back at the previous 12 months

You can’t plan for the future if you don’t know what worked, and what didn’t work so well previously. Look back at the information I hope you have been building over the year. Your measurements – what was your engagement like on photo posts vs. links for example. Was there a particular theme or subject that your customers engaged with most – can you replicate this into your plan for 2017?

What else should be considered?

Take a look at how your business is currently developing relationships with new customers. Are they coming through referrals in the main? Are there any existing customers that might become referrers for your business through social media? Is there something you can do to encourage them to be your ambassador – don’t just think about referrer discount here, is there something in the way you communicate with existing and current customers that could become a route to referral? Get to know your customers, what they like, what they share and build a stronger relationship with them.

If you haven’t started to plan your social media activity for 2017, then start today.