How do you create your Tone of Voice?

Before I head off to a one to one with a great company, I wanted to get a blog down…I know I’ve not posted for a while and for that I am sorry (I’ll make it up to you, I promise).

The very same client that I am seeing today, asked a very interesting question while we were arranging our one to one session. How did you develop the tone of voice used in some of our posts? Well, here are a few things I ask my self when creating content (blogs, social media posts and emails) for clients.

  • Who do they want to reach? A very important question, think about it. When you meet new people you judge how you should and can communicate with them by the type of person that they are.  You wouldn’t necessarily speak to a perspective client in the same way that you would talk to a mate down the pub would you? Well, I wouldn’t…
  • What is their personality / the personality of the brand? This is all about the business and obviously brings some idea of professionalism with it. But, if you or your brand have a big bold personality, you need to reflect that in your content. On the other side of course, if you offer a service, like law for example, being bold and brash might not win you the clients that you’re after – I now refer you to the point above…

  • What mechanism are we using? All digital channels – or mechanisms – have slightly different tones of voice (ways of communicating) take some time and look at how others are communicating on them. How might you be able to emulate that?

  •  How do they want to be seen by perspective clients? This similarly to the first question is really important. If you want your clients to like you and get to know you, the way you communicate with them will be different to if you want them to see you as the specialist. As I said in a previous post, you need to show your the expert, you can’t just say that you are.

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