Understanding the path to success

One of the best things about digital marketing; by which I mean social media, website and email, is the ability to see how well you’re doing. But, how do you take the information that you are given, understand it and change how you are posting to improve those posts and emails that aren’t getting much engagement?

Here’s one suggestion; look at your worst and your best posts on social media and compare them.

What can be the difference between a good and bad post?


When did you publish? Often, timing be the difference between a post being seen by lots of people and no one at all. Make a note of when you published your best post and schedule some more for the same day of the week and time of day.


Did you ask a question or suggest an action to your followers? This can often increase your engagement, you will see that your best post has more engagement than your worst.

Did you share a picture or video? Video on Facebook has seen a huge increase over the last few years, and receives better engagement.

Once you have looked at your best and worst posts thinking of the above try to replicate what you did with you best post from now on.

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