Instagram Live – now coming to the UK

Since the end of 2016 users of Instagram in the US have been able to ‘go Live’ via the stories option. On Monday, the platform announced that it was rolling out the option globally.

So, how do you ‘go Live’?

According to the blog announcing the feature update you need to

Swipe right from feed and choose Start Live Video in the camera. When you’re done, your live story will disappear from the app. You may also see Top Live on Explore, connecting you to exciting live stories happening now.

From this, it would seem that unlike Facebook’s Live video option the live video you share is temporary and will disappear once you have stopped the stream. So, much like Snapchat your message and content is temporary.

What are the benefits?

As with Facebook Live [featured in my blog, Hacking Video in 2017], your followers will receive a notification that your account is live, so in essence it is one feature that will help you navigate the algorithm changes that have been affecting many of you on the platform lately.

Additionally, if you are looking to attract the attention of a younger audience, those of the SnapChat generation for example, this new feature has been developed to compete and attract them back to the platform.

As this feature is in its infancy, I am sure there will be lots of updates to come. And, as with all such updates those that start to use it first are those that get the most out of it.

And so the Live Video trend continues….