Hacking video in 2017

All bets are off – for months now the predictions have been coming, hailing video is THE content for 2017. So here are a few tips from me on how to produce high quality ow budget video for your social media feeds.

This infographic from Social Media Examiner explains the importance of video in 2017…

video in 2017

So, now you know just how big video will be in 2017, how can you make great quality video with on your budget?

The key to great video content is planning what you have to say. Don’t just make a video because you’ve read that you should be. Turn this on its head and think how you can make the most of the popularity of video to convey your message,

I find it useful to bullet point what I want to say first and these in order to a story board so that you can start to see your film emerge. Here’s a video story board template that you can use to start creating videos.

There are loads of great free apps that you can use to make video. Here are a few examples.

1. Did you know that you can turn Power Point presentations into an MP4 file?

If you use this method be careful not to add too many moving parts as this can sometimes hamper the way the file saves, you will also need to think about how you share your message and plan out your story board and visual content so it is ‘on brand’ looks great and tells the story.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe has created an online tool that you can use to build what they call stories. It works in a similar way to building a Power Point presentation and your video can be saved in any video file format you need. You can create really nice still images too.

3. Gifmaker.me

This free tool was originally built to create GIFs…

…now, you can upload your images and save the file as a video. I assume that this is because not all social platforms allow you to post GIFs so the need was there.

How do I use Gifmake.me?

It is a process with a few steps, first I plan what I want to show in my video, using my story board, then I design my images using my favourite free design app, Canva, before finally uploading these images into Gifmaker.me

Here’s one I made earlier…

It’s not all about edited video – Live is big too!

Less than twelve months ago many wouldn’t even have heard the term ‘Live Streaming’ but since the roll out of Facebook Live many are discovering the opportunity on their personal profiles, but have you thought about using this on your business page? Or YouTube Live, or even Periscope for that matter?
The first thing to remember when thinking about going Live is the reason behind it. As highlighted in Facebook’s own advertising campaign…
Facebook Live

…think about adding ‘going live’ into your content strategy. When you’re planning your planning your content in my content calendar add in a few moments through the year where you may want to consider going live. For example, I go live at the end of my workshops, firstly to demonstrate to those in the room but also to broadcast the Q&A s that people who aren’t in the room can still learn something about the subject.

Why go live?

Facebook notifies the people that like your page that you are live, this is the first of many reasons to consider this feature in your content plan. It has become increasingly difficult to land in the news-feeds of the people that like your page and this is one tactic that works very well. 

Social Media Examiner created a great guide to going live on Facebook.
One great tip on successfully going live is ensuring the quality of the video that you will be sharing. You can do this through a few reasonably priced and simple methods. I have bought an external microphone to attached to my phone to ensure sound quality when I go live, this is something you might want to consider if you plan to do this a lot. You will also need to consider the strength of your connection and out some measures, such as buying a WiFi booster,  in place to make sure that you have a strong signal for your live stream.
I expect lots more updates on all platforms in 2017 to increase the use of video, both staged and live. So be prepared to adapt your plan and make the most of the opportunities.