Designing the funnel

What do we mean by ‘the funnel’

[The] processes in place to…

  • Acquire new prospects and leads…
  • Convert those leads into buyers…
  • Get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (or both)!

(Digital Marketer)

All of us who own a business should be thinking about the journey for new customers, from being unaware that you exist to using your services and referring you to their friends. So, how do we build a funnel through online and offline methods that works and gives value at each stage of the journey?



Getting people to know about you and your business can be tough, let’s be honest there are people out there that have been doing what you’re doing for longer than you – we do live in 2017 after all. Awareness is therefore the first point on the journey for all of your customers.

Awareness: Could be watching a video on Facebook (Buffer)

Building awareness of your business can be done through a range of targeted channels. You may want to try using Facebook Ads to reach more people in your area or promote your business on the Google Search or Display Networks. But how do you measure your success? Personally, I look at the increase of reach on my social media channels – remember this is a measure of how many people may have seen what you have posted, and not the number of people who have engaged in what you have to say. That comes next, but only if you are delivering something of value at this early stage.


Once your potential customers know about you, they may – or may not – show interest in what you offer. This is most easily shown in gaining followers on your social media platforms. They are telling you that they are interested in what you have to offer, but they are not yet ready to action that interest. Think about the value that you can give them at this point to encourage them to take an action. For example, you could share an offer that leads to them visiting your restaurant or shop.


One more step along the journey, you’ve shared something that they have liked, shared or commented on. At this stage make sure that you respond in some way to them. If they have commented on a picture of a dish in your restaurant saying ‘wow that looks nice’, thank them for their comment and say that you hope to see them at the business soon. Remember this relationship goes both ways!


It is at this stage that you start to see the financial benefit of your work, the moment the customer comes to your shop or signs up for a workshop. Make sure the service you give is great and you’ll move them to the next stage…


At this point, you have built a great relationship with your customer, so great in fact that they are shouting from the roof tops about how wonderful you are. Make sure that you thank them and share their declarations of ‘love’. By building the relationship further you will build strong bonds with not only this customer but with the many more that they will bring to your business.