What is Canva?

So what is Canva? It is a free online design tool that can help you take your image content from okay to exceptional in a few easy steps.

I was first introduced to the tool by a client a year or so ago. They were using the free layouts available on Canva to create image led content for Instagram, the content they were producing was good, but they could have done more and so I decided to have a play on the platform to help them understand it better. And so my love of Canva began!

Since then, I have used Canva to begin building a visual identity for a community project, Kingtson Pound, that I have recently become a director of (new website and lots of new visuals to come soon), create wonderful content filled with calls to action for numerous social media accounts I manage on behalf of clients, and I have also worked Canva into my social media for business workshop taking those who attend through the tool as they go on their social media journey.

I have also begun to use Canva as the first step in making GIFs and videos. It is expected that in 2017 the  use of moving image content such as GIFs and video will have over taken static imagery on social channels, one reason for this is the level of engagement a moving image receives when compared to a static. This increased demand to deliver moving image content has led me to be a little more experimental.

Here are some examples of the design that I have created so far:

 In 2017 I will be launching a new workshop about building content and making the most of what you already have. Go to my workshop page to find out more about this and other workshops coming in 2017.