facebook engagement

Facebook engagement – the must do hack

March 16, 2017 Bobi Robson Social Media 3 min read

If you’re like most people that run a Facebook Page – whether it’s for a business or not – you may have lost some sleep in the last year or so about the algorithm. Well, I may have the answer for you. A way to help you sleep and dream about your thriving page rather…

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Social Media Platform Difference – video

February 24, 2017 Bobi Robson Social Media 8 min read

On Friday 24 Feb (Today) I went live on Facebook for the first of what will be regular fortnightly installments. The first session was looking at the differences of social media platforms, something I have written about previously one here. Next time I will be explaining Hashtags, what they are and how to use…

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Instagram Live – now coming to the UK

January 26, 2017 Bobi Robson Social Media 2 min read

Since the end of 2016 users of Instagram in the US have been able to ‘go Live’ via the stories option. On Monday, the platform announced that it was rolling out the option globally. So, how do you ‘go Live’? According to the blog announcing the feature update you need to Swipe right from…

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics – an overview

January 23, 2017 Bobi Robson Glossary of Terms 4 min read

Knowledge is power – a phrase we often use but in this instance one of real importance. The great thing about using online tools to connect with you new and existing customers is that you can follow the referral trail. One tool that helps with this is Google Analytics. Don’t worry it’s not as scary…

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Designing the funnel

January 13, 2017 Bobi Robson Strategy 3 min read

What do we mean by ‘the funnel’ [The] processes in place to… Acquire new prospects and leads… Convert those leads into buyers… Get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (or both)! (Digital Marketer) All of us who own a business should be thinking about the journey for new customers, from being unaware…

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Join the conversation

January 3, 2017 Bobi Robson Social Media 2 min read

The clue is in the name – it’s called social media. So, if you want to succeed it’s time to join the conversation. Don’t be scared to start a conversation In the real world, what do you to when you meet someone new? You say hello, and try to work out your common interests –…

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writing is easy

Writing is easy, right?

December 29, 2016 Bobi Robson Content 2 min read

I know that some of you will find ‘creating content’ – bits for your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube etc. – or writing a really daunting task so here are a few of my tips to help you create content that ‘pops’ and that helps you reach those business goals. 1. Think about the message…

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