I know that for small businesses, the complex world of social media, email marketing, websites etc. can be daunting. That’s why in 2016 I set up Bobi Robson Digital, bringing over 5 years’ experience working in a professional communications environment to you. Through my workshops, training and consultancy services you will gain an understanding of your digital needs, and be able to put them into practice.



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Do you know what you want to achieve, but don't have the time or skills to reach your goals? I offer a management and consultancy service that will be able to help.

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Sometimes you need someone to help you through those little challenges. My one to one training sessions offer you the chance to receive expert guidance to solve your digital communications problem.

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My practical and affordable workshops give you an overview of current best practice in digital communications. Perfect for both novices and those with a little more experience.

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Bobi will help you use digital communications to create more interactions with your customers and enable you to speak to new ones. She will demystify the jargon.

Andrew - A client of Bobi Robson Digital

What a delight to work with Bobi - professional, friendly, supportive, informative and a deliverer.

Robin - A client of Bobi Robson Digital

Bobi taught us to build a campaign and how to use different social media channels. I'd highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking to build their social media skills and online presence.

Tina - Bobi Robson Digital Workshop attendee

Bobi was able to tactically support the organisation needs as well as provide strategic advice on upcoming projects, based on her wide experience elsewhere.

Alex - A client of Bobi Robson Digital


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